CRS-o-matic - a CRS schedule generator and probability and statistics tool written in pure Python

This project is hosted at Google Code. For bug reports, feature requests, patch submissions, and the like, submit a new issue here.

Definition of Terms: NOTES: LIMITATIONS: Disclaimer:

All data presented by CRS-o-matic ('The Software') are just parsed from the CRS website and are not modified in any way. Thus, I will not be responsible for any misleading or erroneous information produced by the software due to inconsistencies or errors in the CRS website. I will also not be responsible for any misleading or erroneous information caused by bugs in the software. If you want to know how the software works, feel free to get the source.

Basic Filtering:
PE 2 TN - all PE 2 lawn tennis classes
Geog 1 - all Geog 1 classes
Geog 1: TH - all Geog 1 TH* classes (TTh by convention)
Geog 1: THQ - all Geog 1 THQ* classes (includes THQ1, THQ2, and so on)
Geog 1: THQ1 - THE Geog 1 THQ1 class
Geog 1: !THQ - all Geog 1 classes excluding THQ* classes

Advanced Filtering:
Geog 1: TH, WFW - all Geog 1 TH* and WFW* classes
Geog 1: TH, !THQ - Geog 1 TH* classes excluding THQ* classes
Geog 1: TH, !THQ, WFW1, !THY - Geog 1 TH* and WFW1 classes excluding THQ* and THY* classes

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